...From Scratch.


Short Version:

We'll be back in a week or so.

Long Version:

Due to "real life" [flinches uncontrollably] in general, I've been absent from anything Freesco (and quite a few other little projects) for a few months now. Not that anybody gives a toss, but I'm back and I've got some money! Hoorah! (For those who don't know, I've never had a full-time job, not even for a day. No, I'm not lazy... just unwanted. Unloved. Lonely. Boo-hoo-hoo ).

I first used Freesco 'cos I had no dough to spend on a router or expensive hardware (I'm self-employed since I left university in 2000 and I have to take IT Technician / Web Design / any other IT work where I can get it). The "From Scratch" domain name was originally planned for something else but Freesco was good and saved me money, so I thought I'd give something back.

I have had a hosting account with Elite Servers for a long while and used that to host From Scratch before and it was doing fine and attracting a lot of users. Fortunately, Freescosoft was pulling most of the major traffic away (THANK YOU HOWLER) from this site but the traffic was the eventual problem that killed me (I have other sites but only a finite amount of bandwidth to keep them all running and the others were making me what little money I actually earned).

From Scratch had to move (unfortunately to Geocities (yuk, yuk, double-yuk)) and got left there to go mouldy. Since then, I've found a little work (enough to buy extra hosting for my own personal projects, like Freesco stuff etc. anyway) and so From Scratch will be making a comeback (like flared-trousers did, but hopefully it'll stay fashionable for longer).

Freescosoft has pretty much got the package-collection, mirroring and forum side of things sorted so this'll basically be HOWTO's, FAQ's, tutorials, links, collected documents, news and my own personal packages. It'll also hold a mirror of the major "official" Freesco files.

I also have the facility now to see proper statistics on how many Gb of bandwidth this thing saps (it was guesswork before, believe it or not) and I can put in place measures for if it goes over the limit (similar to the Geocities "disable-for-X-amount-of-time"). If we do exceed the much-larger (tenfold in fact) bandwidth limit I have now, parts of the site will be password-protected. At that point only certain trusted individuals (like people running mirror sites such as Freescosoft etc.) will still be able to access anything but other people will only be able to get at the low-bandwidth stuff (howto's, faq's, basic images etc.)

Now, I hear you saying "But you're still on Geocities". Yes. For this week. When I have uploaded all the files onto the new host (NetWeaver. Bloody good deal.) I will then "move" the domain name to point at netweaver. That will mean no more redirect to Geocities and invisible masking... i.e.<whatever file.ext> will appear as just that. I have proper URL masking (not frames-based or redirection) with Just The Name which is invisible when enabled (it's not at the moment but was before we went to Geocities).

If you haven't noticed by now, I like to tell people about some companies I use because I've got good service from them. I do not and never have worked for them (unfortunately... CV's are available...).

In simple terms... will no longer fire you at Geocities. It will appear, to all intents and purposes, as a properly hosted site. It is back to being hosted in the UK (Telewest, Docklands actually) and will remain there for the forseeable future.

After the initial upload to move the site over, there may be a gap before any major update of the site. However... the majority of my work is for schools in the Havering area of London, England. This means that, come the summer holidays, I will have the time to update the site. I am also toying with the idea of playing with my own version of Freesco (updated to a newer kernel). Please do not ask for it. If it's gets even barely useful, I'll post it on this site for everyone (I'm nice like that ).

Also, it'll give me the opportunity to put up all sorts of other shit that I've collected over the years onto a personal page of mine. This'll be dull stuff to anyone reading this (e.g. holiday photos, info on school friends, my life etc.) but it'll be there, nonetheless. This won't appear on From Scratch but I will be able to host it too, so anyone who is vaguely interested in me can find out crap about me (and probably stalk me, knowing my luck).

I'll probably have some sort of weekly computing article on my personal site too. I already have a few ideas, mainly rants, arguments, and insults about various technologies and idiosyncrasies that I want to have a yell at. Probably some links to useful sites. Probably my list of bookmarks. Maybe hardware/software reviews (of stuff I have, which is mainly old/obscure stuff but which I believe to be capable and good products).

I'm also considering moving to ADSL. This is because British Telecom have decided to up the price of dial-up here to almost the same as ADSL to force you into buying ADSL... And they've changed the terms and conditions so that you can't dial-up for more than 12 hours in any 24 despite the fact that I have a SurfTime package which means it's free to connect from 6pm to 8am and 1p/min at all other times (which, incidentally is also going up in price). I've got an idea for a first article already!

This does absolutely nothing useful for anybody here but I thought I'd mention it. I suppose it would mean I could upload updates faster and download ISO's of the larger CD-ROM router distros. I'm not into reviewing them though, because my Freesco is working fine at the moment and doesn't need to be turned off, so I won't. I suppose I could just tell you how crap they all are compared to Freesco with absolutely no idea whatsoever of whether or not it's true .

Anyway... normal service will resume as soon as technical difficulties (such as figuring out how to get off my arse) can be resolved. Hope that's news to someone. Or am I talking to myself? Hello? Is there anybody there?





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