...From Scratch. has changed the way updates are done since Freesco 0.2.7 was released. Thus, the dyndns script in Freesco 0.2.7 doesn't function any more. To avoid errors, do the following:

1) Edit /bin/dyndns and remove the line beginning with snarf -qn

Add the following in it's place, on a single line, with no spaces for the stuff in double quotes:

snarf -qn 
$BACKMX" /tmp/dyndns.htm
2) Now, in Freesco, enter 'setup' to get to the setup menu. Choose a) for advanced settings. Then choose 48) to change dyndns settings.

Answer the items as per usual (your previous selections will be in square brackets. To keep them, hit enter). When asked for host_id number, enter your dyndns hostname instead (e.g. or whatever). After this is done, hit X to get back to the main menu, then S to save and quit setup.

To test, you can execute the dyndns command and then use:

more /wwa/dyndns.htm

to view the results. There should not be any error messages in that file.

Alternatively, you could check from the web control panel by using the 'update now' then 'Dyndns stat' items.

If it all works, don't forget to back the new script up after editing so it's not lost after a reboot:

cp /bin/dyndns /mnt/router/fix/