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Useful Links's Shields Up! firewall test

An extremely useful, famous and popular site which offers a free basic test of your firewall by attempting to connect back to the computer you connect from. Very useful for detecting potential security holes.

Scroll down, click "Shields Up!" logo, then click "Test My Shields" (basic test for external filesharing a.k.a NetBIOS a.k.a. Samba access) or "Probe My Ports" (checks most common ports of your firewall. Tests generally take less than 10 seconds due to their new ideas on TCP/IP connectivity.

Also a helpful collection of firewall / TCP/IP related technical information, explained in detail.


An (almost) complete clone of MS-DOS, minus the complex and sometimes extortionate licensing restrictions and, of course, a price. Can be used to partition, format, create & repair DOS partitions suitable for use for Freesco's "move to hard disk" feature without the need to help fund Microsoft.