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FREESCO... From Scratch News

This page is not at all up-to-date and is frequently left unedited even while new developments are being concentrated on and added. Sorry 'bout that!

May 10th, 2002:

Sometime before March, 2002:

October 20th, 2001:

  • Added a "Useful Links" page.

  • Updated an incorrect link to Freescosoft.

September 7th, 2001:

  • Brought back online on Geocities despite my reservations with Yahoo!

    (Long story short... once got chucked off for having a CHARITY site on there that was linked to by a mirror copy of itself. Negotiations proved to be similar to talking to trained chimpanzees who had learned the phrase "external linking". Just don't ask... )

    Go on Yahoo. Take me off again. You know you want to. You could use "me using HTML" as an excuse.

  • Added IRC Server. Major restructuring.

During June, July and August site is non-functional and the information here survived somewhere people could use it only due to Howler's (author of Freescosoft ( kind salvage operation.

Soon after June 18th, 2001:

  • Site taken down due to uncooperative visitors aiming their "website mirror" utilities at us indiscriminately.

  • Other sites suffer similar problems and still do.

June 18th, 2001:

  • Traffic is growing daily and soon will hit limit. If it does so, it's coming down (it only takes a second to change the invisible URL redirection and the effect is within-the-hour site-wide).

    Traffic, I don't mind. Paying for this site for people visiting it, I don't mind. People mirroring my stuff to ease the traffic, I don't mind.

    Using tools like Getright (, WebCopier (, Mass Downloader (, FlashGet ( and Website Extractor ( to mirror the site ONCE, I don't mind.

    People mirroring for the fun of it, including the 6Mb kernel file for no good reason, I DO mind. Traffic logs show that it's happening lots, people are just clicking the "Update Entire Mirror" or whatever button and downloading every file all over again, whether they've changed or not.

    I keep my file date/times static for just this reason, so that programs get a "304 Not modified since last retrieval" message and don't bother to re-download.

    Traffic's seen a big jump in the past few weeks, so don't think that because you've only just started doing it, it doesn't apply to you. I hate to threaten people with removing resources but it will happen.

    75.60% of my traffic (if you go by how many bytes are downloaded) is for the kernel files, which would be fair enough if that many people actually compiled programs for Freesco and released them.

    Traffic logs show that it's several people doing it and doing it fairly regularly. Traffic distribution is constant across all days and all hours. Please stop. I can and will redirect all page requests to a holder page in under an hour if we get near the limit.