...From Scratch.

To download Freesco itself, go to one of the mirrors listed on our Links section.

These pages contain programs that are compatible with Freesco. These are either standalone programs or proper Freesco packages. They may require substantial manual configuration.

Important note: Read our Third Party Disclaimer.

Packages can be installed and managed using the Freesco packages commands, listpkg, installpkg and removepkg. They are specifically designed to work with Freesco's directory structure and way of doing things.

Official Packages - Packages from the Freesco team.

Unofficial Packages - Packages from everyone else.

Programs are compiled to run on Freesco but are generic programs with generic configurations that do not tie in so tightly with Freesco automatically. They can all be used on Freesco but may require manual installation, configuration and management.

Official Programs - Those that appear to have come originally from the Freesco team. This section also includes links to "approved" or "recommended" third-party programs, specified by the Freesco team for use with Freesco.

Unofficial Programs - Everything else, from anyone who happened to post it.