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"Official" fixes: ATD Fix   Named Fix

Fixes from the Freesco team to address issues with Freesco 0.2.7 which were discovered after release. Unzip them straight to your /mnt/router/etc directory (called /router/etc on the Freesco floppy / hard disk when in DOS / Windows). Note that the fixes will overwrite the files already on the Freesco disc, which will remove any changes you may have made to them yourself. As always, backup before you do it.

DynDNS fix - An article taken from the Freesco Forums which describes how to make Freesco 0.2.7 work with DynDNS changed procedures for IP updates after the release of Freesco 0.2.7 and this fix lets you update to the new procedures. This fix will have to be (carefully) manually applied.


The Linux package that Freesco is based on. Zipslack 3.9 with an upgraded kernel to 2.0.38 is as-near-as-damn-it to what Freesco uses. Many mirror sites are available if the main one is down. This can be used to compile almost any compatible Linux application for Freesco.

The kernel source code for Linux 2.0.38.


A free Win32 telnet/SSH client that works well with Freesco's telnet server and SSH packages. This is the recommended program for connecting to Freesco via telnet.


A program to strip other programs of unnecessary debugging information etc. When used on a newly compiled program, it can shrink the size of the executable without affecting performance. Most Freesco programs are now sstrip'd or equivalent anyway.

A compiled binary and source code is available in (unofficial).

lpdsrv Source Code

The source code to the lpdsrv simple print server that comes with Freesco 0.2.7.